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The 2017 Storm Assist Photo Contest

Sample 2017 DVD Cover


Storm Assist is now taking submissions for our annual photo contest!  We will be accepting submissions starting September 23, with a maximum of 3 entries per person. Storm Assist volunteers will present an “Editor’s Choice” selection of images for public voting.  There will then be SEVEN DAYS of public voting via the Storm Assist Facebook page starting on October 9 through October 16. The image with the most “likes” on October 16 at noon CDT will be declared the winner.

The winning photo will be featured on the cover of the 2017 DVD and Blu-ray.
The runner up images will also be featured on the DVD/Blu-ray back cover, disc face, and Storm Assist’s 2018 calendar.


1.  All images must have been taken in 2017
2.  All images must be at least 1600 pixels wide. Wider is better.
3.  All images must be at least 2200 pixels tall. Taller is better.
4.  Maximum of 3 entries per person.
5.  E-mail watermark FREE full resolution JPEG images to:
6.  Include your FULL name and the date/location of each image in your email.
7.  All editor’s choice picks must sign a release before being qualified for voting.  By submitting your image you agree to your image also being included in the 2018 calendar should it be a final winner.
8.  You may ONLY submit your OWN images.
9. Your image will be cropped to fit a DVD and Blu-ray cover, so please consider how this will impact your image.

ANY images submitted that do not meet these guidelines will be automatically disqualified.

Please consider your photo submissions as donations to a charitable cause. Your photos are being used in fundraiser sales to send aid to storm victims. Storm Assist is 100% volunteer and 100% of profits from the sales of these fundraiser items will go to storm victims. We’d love to be able to use everyone’s images. Unfortunately, there are a variety of technical reasons that make some photos unsuitable for use in print on DVD covers and in calendars. This is why an “Editor’s Choice” selection of images from the entries is presented for voting. Please do not be offended or take it personally if your image is not selected for voting. We greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions and all who submit images will be credited in the DVD and Blu-ray regardless if their image is selected for voting or wins the contest. Thank you!

Send in your favorite 2017 storm images via email now!

Please contact us at with any questions!