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Storm Chasers Donate $1,000 to Mission Granbury for Texas Tornado Victims

Storm Chasers Donate $1,000 to Mission Granbury for Texas Tornado Victims

Storm Assist donated $1,000 to Mission Granbury in Texas yesterday in response to the Granbury EF4 tornado on May 16th.




Granbury, TX was devastated by a half-mile wide tornado which destroyed many homes, including some that were wiped clean off of their foundations. Trees were debarked and vehicles were tossed. There were 6 deaths, and dozens more people were injured.


Mission Granbury  is the largest non-profit in the county and is organizing financial donations for the victims and recovery.




Local storm chaser and Storm Assist member Mike Parker delivered the donation on behalf of Storm Assist, and this is his account of the experience:


“After the tornado, the sheriff of Hood co. came to Mission Granbury and asked if they could spearhead the relief effort since they have been a local charity for so long in Granbury.  They are helping by doing two separate things at the moment:

  1. They have a large warehouse where they are storing donations and out of which they are distributing. People drop off all types of items and the organizers then determine necessity and distribute as needed.
  2. They collect monetary donations and write checks on behalf of the victims. For example, a tornado victim arrived and needed dog food for their pet. So a volunteer from Mission Granbury went with the person who needed the food to the store and bought it for them. They do this for all types of needs like gas, pay for motel rooms, vehicular needs and the like.  MG has decided not to give cash directly but to buy for them anything they need.

I have been dealing with a sweet woman named Trisha Morales. She has been tirelessly working and organizing all the donations coming in. In the hour or so that we were in her office it was a mad house. From volunteers needing direction to the Ozarka water truck trying to find the empty bottles to exchange. In spite of it all she has it all under control with an attitude of kindness with everyone she talks to.

MG is manning volunteers at ground zero that are not only helping the victims but also there to feed and hydrate any workers that are there cleaning up. As you can imagine, the devastation is total and complete.  EF4 damage and 6 deaths have a unique way of bringing people and community together. MG has stepped up and taken the lead in helping in every way imaginable and I am extremely proud to have been able to represent Storm Assist in this great act of charity. All of our members and volunteers as well as every chaser who has donated should also feel pride in donating to this amazing organization.”


Additionally, the TX support t-shirts have been ordered and we are hoping for their arrival late next week.  As soon as they arrive, they will be lovingly shipped to those who ordered them.  Thank you all again for your support! We couldn’t do it without you.

~Storm Assist Team