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Storm Assist Makes First Donation

Storm Assist Makes First Donation

Storm Assist has contributed it’s first donation of $1000 to help out victims of the Adairsville, GA tornado that occurred last week. Storm Assist member Kendra Reed, who lives in the area,met up with a United Way of Bartow County representative to present the check. All funds donated by Storm Assist will go directly do helping those in need who were affected by the storm.  It’s Storm Assist’s goal to provide assistance to those affected by disasters on a very local level.

As we head into the Spring, Storm Assist will be making more donations to help out victims of natural disasters. Since we are a 100% volunteer organization, we depend on your support and help to give back to those affected. Please consider purchasing items from our store or making a donation by clicking the below button.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to getting Storm Assist off to a great start and a making it into project that we can all be be proud of.

Want to help? Please go to to find out more information.  Even if you haven’t contributed to the project yet there’s no better time to start than now!


Please note: donations are not currently tax deductible.