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Kokomo Indiana Bona Vista Community Center Donation from Storm Chasers

Kokomo Indiana Bona Vista Community Center Donation from Storm Chasers

On Friday December 20th, Storm Assist delivered a donation of $2250 to the Bona Vista Imagine That! Community Center.


The community center was so severely damaged in the EF-2 tornado on November 17th, 2013, that the entire center had to be demolished.  Bona Vista Imagine That! was hosting a birthday party for two young children when the tornado hit.  Thankfully the guests were able to take shelter in a safe room and wait until the storm passed, and all 30 of them emerged safely.


“We are so happy to have you guys help us out with purchasing more items for the facility, again, that money just going towards the rebuilding process.” 





Bona Vista is a comprehensive human resource center, originally founded to serve parents who had children with disabilities.   Bona Vista services also include supported living, residential services, habilitation services and community connections.  One of the more recent editions is a innovation center for children, it’s a play area and resource center for families.  The Imagine That! Innovation center lost most of their supplies in the tornado.


When I spoke with their VP on the phone to tell her about our decision to donate to the center, she got choked up and said she was going to start to cry.  It moved me, too.  This illustrates the exact reason we do what we do… human beings helping one another.”  ~Jenn, Storm Assist


The city of Kokomo was denied assistance from FEMA, and the mayor is currently appealing the decision.  Many thanks to storm chaser Joseph Cooper for volunteering to deliver the check on our behalf!