November 17th tornado outbreak t-shirt now available for purchase - click here to order!

Blu-ray Now Available

Blu-ray Now Available

We are proud to announce that the much anticipated Blu-Ray is now available for purchase!

The Blu-Ray contains the same incredible 2012 footage you will find on the DVD, but in high definition. Additionally we have included a “Bonus 2012 Tornadoes” chapter just for the Blu-Ray!

The money spent on your 2012 Storm Assist Blu-Ray, like all other Storm Assist products, will help us donate all profits direction to charities working with those who have been impacted by severe weather. Another big “thank you!” to all the chasers who have generously donated footage and photographs.

Please go to click on the “Store” link above  or click HERE now to purchase your copy! Thank you for your support!