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8 Yr. Old Raises OVER $785 for Victims of Severe Weather

8 Yr. Old Raises OVER $785 for Victims of Severe Weather



In 2013, Storm Assist met an amazing young man with a desire to make a difference. We had to share his story, and how this incredible young man has raised over $785 in change to assist victims of severe weather.

June 5, 2013, Coleman, a 6-year old from Covington, GA rose over $385 in change as a donation to the residents of Moore, OK. Coleman stated “He wanted the money to go to the storm chasers he follows on the computer because you would know who needs the funds.”

"Moore Change"

“Moore Change”

April 15, 2015, Storm Assist once again received a sizable donation from Coleman, now 8.  Amber, Coleman’s mother explains: “When watching the news after the recent Moore, OK tornado, Coleman remembered collecting change 2 years ago for that very city. He remarked that “we can’t just watch it on TV. We have to do something.”  He was right, so I told him we could put it on Facebook to share with our family and friends. He asked his Grandparents and Aunt to help him collect change.”  Coleman beat his previous goal and rose over $400 in change, to which he donated to Storm Assist.  He was ecstatic!

Amber then went on to say: “These are his words tonight as he prepared to go to bed: “We must care about our own. It is important to raise money (for Storm Assist) because it shows love. People left by tornadoes could be left without shelter, food or water and need a hand. I have two they can borrow. But…they could use more hands for more strength so I asked my friends to help.”

Storm Assist expresses our gratitude and thanks to this caring, incredibly resourceful young man! We also thank his parents, Chris and Amber for raising such an amazing young man.

Amber’s words say it all: “We feel quite proud of Coleman’s desire to make a difference.” Thank you for sharing “his story and photo in hopes that it might encourage others to help.”


$400 in change, collected by Coleman

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