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Donate Funds!

All after-tax profits are directly donated to victims of storm damage.  We donate to smaller, local organizations on the ground level in direct response to severe weather events on a case by case basis as they occur.  Rest assured your money is not going to huge overhead or to fund salaries; we are a grass roots organization manned by 100% volunteer efforts.  We couldn’t do this without your support!Use the button below to donate financially via Paypal.  We also accept checks.  Please contact us at if you need our mailing address.

While our 501(c)(3) application status is pending, we are allowed to operate as an operating tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and your donations will retroactively be tax deductible upon Storm Assist receiving a Letter of Determination from the IRS, as an approved tax-exempt organization.

Donate Footage!

Are you a storm chaser with dramatic footage of tornadoes, hurricanes, supercells, or storm damage that you’d like to donate toward a good cause?  Storm Assist is assembling a video production of the year’s biggest chase events and is looking for contributions from across the entire chaser community.  You retain all rights to your footage and will be credited directly on your footage, in the production credits, and here on the Storm Assist page.  Profits from the sale of this production will go directly to local charities and communities impacted by the severe weather events of which you shot footage.  It’s a great way to give help as a storm chaser.


What We’re Looking For

Storm Assist is looking for any dramatic tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm, flooding, lightning, winter storm, or damage footage from the 2013 season.  As the 2013 storm season unfolds, we’ll update a list here of events we’re particularly interested in, but we’re interested in footage from any noteworthy event too!

  •  January 30, Adairsville, GA EF3 Tornado stills or video of the damage or storm
  •  February 10, Mississippi tornadoes stills or video of the damage or storm

Remember, we’re looking for any interesting video or stills of storms and damage from the year too!


How To Submit Footage

Skip Talbot is coordinating video submissions and the initial editing of the production.  Please e-mail him directly to be setup with an FTP account, or information on how to mail us your footage:


Alternatively, you can get in touch with the group and receive submission details through Facebook using our Facebook page.

We recommend using the FireFTP FTP client software for submitting footage, a free Firefox browser plugin.


Video Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when submitting footage so that we can assure your footage is usable in the final production in its highest quality form:

  • Do not edit your footage other than trimming it.
  • No text overlays or music.  We’ll credit every contributor in a consistent format.
  • Keep the camera’s format and quality settings.  Files straight off the camera are great.
  • Don’t rename your files if they contain the date and time of when they were shot.
  • High definition video is preferred and will be used before standard definition shots of the same event, but we’ll certainly accept standard definition footage as well.
  • Mac users using Final Cut Pro: please use an h.264 codec to render your video.  Our PC editors can’t work with MOV’s rendered using Apple’s Intermediate Codec.


Other Ways To Contribute

If you’ve got skills or talents you think are a good fit for this project, and would like to help out, please get ahold of us via e-mail (,) through the Contact page or our Facebook page.  We’re always looking for help!